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7 Questions With Brooke Hunt

In our never-ending quest to get to know our fellow coworkers in a unique way, we turn our focus to Brooke Hunt, Director of Operations at our Joplin, MO, office. Let's see how she answered these seven crazy questions – with a little help from her nieces, Giana (left) and Elyse (right), pictured above with Brooke.

1) What movie title best describes your life – and why?

Finding Nemo….Just keep swimming! 

2) Where would you spend all your time if you could – and why?

Traveling the world! There is so much to see and experience. I have been fortunate to go to some amazing places and can’t wait to continue. 

3) What question can you ask to find out the most about a person?

If you had your own TV network, what would it be about? 

4) What’s the best compliment you’ve received?

The way my nieces and nephew come running to greet me when I see them. There's nothing better!    

5) What did you think you would outgrow but haven’t?

Still need my Mom! She's my best friend and a joy. 

6) If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make – and why?

Be kind. The world will be a better place.

7) What’s something your friends would consider “so you”?

Anything pink and/or polka dots.

What about you? If posed these same questions, how would you answer? 🤔Join us next time as we ask seven other wacky questions to another one of our amazing coworkers!

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